Rejected Con is an online annual security conference that allows the presentations rejected by other conferences to see the light of day. Rejected is the Con for forward-thinking makers, innovators, and hackers to share bright ideas that mainstream cons might regard as too niche. At REJECTED CON we accept any submissions that were rejected by other cons and we present them on our site, think of it of an awesome one stop annual archive of insane security papers.
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Call for papers (Closed for 2016)

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RejectedCON 2016 Papers

Presenter Paper rejected from Presentation title Abstract Presentation link
Chris Czub & Darren Kemp & Mikhail Davidov Blackhat Out-of-Box Exploitation A Security Analysis of OEM Updaters OEM software is often harmful to security, this is a well established fact. The staggering amount of superfluous software, free trials, and questionable vendor support tools included with the average OEM PC is pretty obnoxious. But how bad is the situation? In order to gain some perspective Duo Labs purchased 10 OEM laptops, spanning a variety of vendors, Windows versions, and geographical locations, including "Microsoft Signature Edition" systems. View on Peerlyst
James Dietle DEFCON 24 Practical threat intel Threat intelligence seems to be the next biggest buzz word for defending networks from all those malicious criminals and sneaky APTs across the world. Threat intel is being treated as a new business essential, which can only be provided by a select few at great cost. This could not be further from the truth. Although several companies and training events have sprung up to help address the supposed lack of intelligence, the security community already has skills and expertise needed to be threat intel savvy. View on Peerlyst
Ron Garret RWC'16 SC4: Secure Communications in a Very Small Code Base The code bases for current state-of-the-art secure communications systems like PGP or OpenWhisper are quite large, typically ~100,000 LOC or so. This makes them very difficult to audit, and leaves a lot of places for vulnerabilities to be introduced, whether by honest oversight, incompetence, or malice. View on Peerlyst
Vismit Sudhir Rakhecha Defcon 24 social Engineering and its importance during Security Audits There is no patch for Human Stupidity. There are lots of method by which one can try to breach information security. Social Engineering, is one of them. In this Paper, we will discuss types of social engineering, tactics, how it will help in Security Auditing. View on Peerlyst
IrishMASMS Shakacon, BlackHat2016, DEFCON 24, 2016 FireEye Cyber Defense Summit The road to hiring is paved in good intentions We have progressed, we have grown up. Past the BBS and web defacements, into a real job and a career. For many of us, that next step is (or has been) into management and that opportunity to build and grow that team of hackers to protect our organization – to manage our companies risks to our networks and systems. View on Peerlyst
Lisa Kendall BsidesLV Panel Discussion - Pwn Your Career Do you have a career plan? Does a career plan matter? How do you get the position you want? What is the position you want? How do you keep the position you want and advance in skills and money? Join our discussion on careers in the cyber security profession. The cyber security profession finally has well­defined roles and responsibilities. How can you take advantage of this industry advancement? View on Peerlyst

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What is Rejectedcon?
  • To keep it short and simple we are an annual online security conference that hosts papers rejected from all live security conferences and allow the community to vote for each presentation.
  • We ask for help from cons like BSides, Defcon , REcon , BlackHat and others to help us accomplish that.
  • We are Rejectedcon. we are a legion. we do not reject. we do forgive. EXPECT US !

  • You took the idea from BSides?
  • Some people have been saying that for a long time but bear in mind we are an online security conference now and forever.
  • BSides rocks anyways. And clearly it is helping us out!

  • Are you guys competing with other cons?

  • If you come to think of it there is no competition between cons, because each con has its culture and style.
  • We consider our self the last mile for security conferences, we host what has been rejected by all of them.

  • Why should i submit my paper ?
  • Let the community see your work and get recognized.
  • Get feedback on your paper.
  • We dont want your paper to end up in some folder and rest in peace.
  • You have nothing to lose.

  • How will the votes work?
  • Peerlyst's unique communication platform has a like button which will enable us to count votes.
  • Each presentation has its own discussion area on Peerlyst. Which will help clear out any tampering.
  • We will announce and appoint 3 people to do a manual review of top 3 papers.

  • Will you hold a CTF next year?
  • We have no intensions to make one as there are awesome CTF's being done around this time of year.
  • If you want to make a CTF and we host it every year, yeah why not?

  • I dont like the word rejected beside my presentation?
  • The fact it was rejected does not mean your presentation is awry, it was simply not fit in the eye of reviewers. We help fix that for you next time by the voting and discussions that will happen on presentations.

  • Who are you guys?
  • It does not matter at the moment who we are, nor are we seeking personal attention. We just want to complete the security conference cycle.
  • A team of infosec professionals seeking to complete the security conference cycle.

  • How can we help?
  • With your help via social media you can help us gain followers and trust.
  • Help with voting and discussions on presentations.

  • What is your schedule?
  • Since this is the very first time for RejectedCon, we will be setting a specific schedule starting next year. We need some data to have a clear & defined schedule. So currently we are winging it like a boss.

  • Whats RejectedCon upto next year?
  • We will help security researchers to keep track of all security conferences CFP timings through our twitter feed.
  • Help peer review your presentations before you submit them.
  • We have a few surprises up our sleeves.
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